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International operations are coordinated with the UK office, which maintains liaison with regional offices.

Head Office
The UK office plays a significant role in business development, marketing, material sourcing, project monitoring and coordination.

Regional Offices

Middle East
The Middle East Regional Office is located at Abu Dhabi. The ME Operation has a total of 50 permanent staff with over 1500 skilled  technicians. The Regional Office controls all branch offices and their operations in the Middle East. The Regional Office  has different depts to look after each activities such as Engg & Tech. Services, Proposals, Construction and Sales & Marketing.

There is a large fabrication/warehouse facility at Sharjah. The facilities include a sheet metal fabrication shop, foamglass and PUF cutting and fabrication shop, rubber lining workshop and a Training School. We also have a camp facility with a capacity to accommodate app 70 men.

There are various Manufacturing Plants located in India, which manufacture mineral wool products, coal-tar enamel and primers, ceramic fibre, elastomeric urethane coatings, roof and wall panels and cold storage panels.

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