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  Line of Business  
The Contracting Division of the Group offers the following state of the art
services for Design, Supply & Installation of:

•   Insulation - Hot, Cold and Acoustic
•   Rubber Lining/Glass Flake Lining/Derekane Lining
•   Corrosion protection of buried lines
•   Noise Control Enclosure
•   Spray applied PU and liquid polymer coatings
•   Insulation Audit
•   Aero Engine Test Beds
  •   Refractory applications
•   Fireproofing
•   Blasting & Painting/Corrosion Coatings
•   Prefabricated sandwiched Panels
•   Electric Heat Tracing
•   Turbine Cladding - both Acoustic & General
•   Water proofing  of  buildings  & Warehouses.

The  Products  Division  of  the  Group offers the following products:

•   Rockwool Material
•   PUF/PIR Sandwich Panels, Pipe Sections, Pipe Supports, Blocks/Slabs
•   Ceramic Fiber Products
•   Calcium Silicate
•   Coaltar Enamel and Primer
•   Elastomeric  Urethane Coatings for waterproofing
•   Aluminium Cladding & Ancillary Materials
•   Refractory Materials
•   Foamglass - Blocks & Pipe Sections
•   And  other  products related  to  the Group Activities.

The Group is internationally known as manufacturer, supplier, consultant and turnkey application contractor in its areas of expertise.

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